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Cloudwords adds new machine translation capability

Latest Product Enhancement Expands Cloudwords’ Marketing Globalization Platform, Offering the Option of Even More Speed, Cost Savings to Augment Customers’ Localization Practices. Cloudwords, the first cloud-based marketing globalization platform, announced today the availability of Machine Translation as part of its newest product release. With Machine Translation, Cloudwords now enables customers to globalize marketing campaigns and…

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Questions, curiosity and writing ideas

Even though writing ideas abound all around us, we writers sometimes get stumped. We search for topics, plot ideas, models for our characters, and interesting language. Unfortunately, our searches don’t always yield desirable results. But by fostering curiosity, we can ensure a constant stream of inspiration. Some of the best writing ideas come from simply…

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5 poets on the most beautiful word in the English language

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder–or the ear of the listener–but when it comes to discerning the most beautiful words in the English language, there’s some objectivity at play. Certain sounds make English speakers cringe; moist is a classic example. When said aloud, it can elicit not only irritation, but a negative physical reaction called word aversion.…

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Le casse-tête de la traduction dans les services sociaux

Les services publics et les associations de solidarité observent une difficulté croissante à se faire comprendre de certains publics non francophones, en raison de la multiplication des pays d’origine. Les principaux organismes de traduction ont du mal à s’adapter à la demande et sont menacés financièrement. Le téléphone n’en finit plus de sonner au centre…

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Increased opportunities for ESL teachers in Costa Rica | Global TESOL college and Amistad Institute team up

Teaching English as a second language (ESL) abroad is no longer a linear endeavor for travel or a gap year; it is now a legitimate career option. Whether a young college graduate or a recently retired adult, earning a TESOL certificate (Teach English to Speakers of Other Languages) now provides a pathway to finding lucrative…

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21 proofreading and editing tips for writers

The human mind is a funny thing; it likes to play tricks on us. For example, when we proofread and edit our own writing, we tend to read it as we think it should be, which means we misread our own typos and other spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes as well as problems with word…

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To teach to test or for communication – or both?

Which is more important: to communicate in a second language or to test well? Often in language education, skirmishes break out among parents, teachers — and even the students themselves — over this thorny question. Of course, being able to do both is the ideal, but how can we as learners and teachers ensure we…

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An apoplexy over apostrophes in Cambridge, England

If any place should set the standard for good grammar, it ought to be the English city of Cambridge, where the university’s brick-and-ivy walls preserve centuries of the world’s highest learning. So when the public caught wind of a little-noticed rule passed by the Cambridge City Council to drop apostrophes from future street signs to…

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Xu Bing : « Écrire le premier livre qui ne nécessiterait pas de traduction »

Faites le test: procurez-vous Une histoire sans mots, le roman de Xu Bing entièrement écrit en pictogrammes, et montrez-le autour de vous. Il y aura un moment d’incrédulité (plus ou moins long, selon l’âge notamment). Les réactions vont ensuite de « c’est génial, ce truc » à « ça fait peur » en passant par « tu peux vraiment lire ça? ».…

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Translation services when traveling abroad | Which translation agency to hire

One of the biggest challenges when traveling abroad is, not knowing the native language. Although English is spoken in many parts of the world, you will be surprised to know that only one-fourth of the World’s total population actually speaks the language. Thus, it is imperative that you hire a translation agency that is capable…

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