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Homer’s Ulysses translated and published in Russian

At long last, Ulysses translated and published in Russian Exactly a quarter-century ago, in the twilight of the Soviet Union, a literary development took place that only a few years earlier would have been utterly unthinkable with James Joyce’s modernist masterpiece: Ulysses translated and published in Russian. The man who dared to take on Joyce,…

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15 free tools for translators you did not know you need

The advancements in tools for translators have made it possible for people of different languages, traditions and customs to come into contact. As was expected, translators and interpreters quickly became essential for society, because they are the only ones who can make conversations between foreign individuals possible. Every translator in the twenty-first century will tell you…

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Why so many translators hate translation technology

In general, technology should serve to make our lives better. Software can automate manual steps, reducing the human workload. Translation, like most language-related tasks, is complex. Translation technology has not yet gotten to the point where it can use language the way people can. Translation is, at a minimum, two times more complex than just writing in…

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SDL unveils language cloud translation platform

In the coming months, SDL plans to expand Language Cloud to include subscription access to machine translation for use in the translation process. Web content management, analytics and social intelligence specialist SDL introduced Language Cloud, a cloud translation platform that allows organizations to communicate across languages. The solution provides on-demand access to translation services and…

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What does it take to translate a best-seller into another language?

Words that don’t have a direct translation into English, but which we really wish did. The joy of languages is that for all the similarities you can find between some of them (like Celtic languages such as Irish and Welsh, or Swedish and Danish), it’s the differences that can be most interesting. The cliché that…

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Is translation like music, art or science

People often ask me if translation is music or science. The reality is, it’s a combination of both. A good parallel for the translation profession is the music industry, which has been revolutionized by technology. See this video from Smartling , “Why Translation Is Like Music,” below. There is definitely an art to creating the perfect version…

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Translation terms for industry beginners

Understanding the ins and outs of a big translation project can be tricky at first – there are so many new words and translation terms to understand that it can seem like you’re having a conversation in another language! For easy reference, here are some translation terms and definitions that will really help when you’re researching…

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This is Firefox’s upcoming page translation feature

One of the features that Google’s Chrome browser offers that Firefox does not is the browser’s built-in translation feature. Whenever you visit a website that is published in a language that you have not installed in Chrome, a small translation bar is displayed at the top of the window that you can use to translate…

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Professional translation isn’t enough for global marketing

Now, don’t get me wrong. Professional translation is an absolutely critical piece to the global business puzzle. Without it, you can almost bet your messages will miss the mark with customers—or be ignored altogether. Neither situation is exactly worthy of doing a happy dance. And yet, it may not work for your business to rely…

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Translation in the social media field

Why translation in the social media field Two months ago I started to work at HootSuite, a Canadian company that created a social media management tool. Although my background is translation, the passion for social media led me on this new professional path. Super excited of being immersed in this social media world, I found myself…

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