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When SEO and translation work go hand in hand

If there is one goal that is important for SEO and translation work, it’s engaging the audience and being able to relate to them on an intuitive level. Having a strong grasp of the many language services that we offer isn’t just essential for the technical aspects of the written word, but for initiating a direct dialogue…

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Speaking your language | SpeechTrans’ equity campaign translates into early success on RockThePost

Having secured $250,000 in the early stages of its RockThePost equity crowdfunding campaign, SpeechTrans aims to raise up to $750,000 more to develop and market its lauded advanced Speech to Speech (S2S) Language Translation software. Partnering with HP, Microsoft and Intel, according to their RockThePost campaign, SpeechTrans considers its live real time language translation proprietary product as a “breakthrough…

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Keeping your translation memory clean, lean and mean | A few options

Without a doubt, translation memory has great potential to save you money on language translation. But what you may not realize is that this investment—like any other—requires some upkeep. You see, its quality level can fade a little over time as your company messages evolve and grow. Terms can become outdated. New translation memories from…

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10 steps to determine CAT tool compatibility with the dragon

The following steps can be used to investigate the degree to which a CAT tool is compatible with Dragon NaturallySpeaking. In Dragon NaturallySpeaking, go to Tools>Options>Miscellaneous and check the box Use the Dictation Box for unsupported applications. Open a project in the CAT tool you are testing, place the cursor in the translation target cell and start dictating with…

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Does Google have a secret “Translate” service & why should search marketers care?

Google is probably the largest translation service globally with its popular Google Translate online service. It is also fighting spammers that auto translate content with this service and put it online. This is why I was so surprised to see that Google is actually a player in auto translating content. I saw this first with Google Play when they added…

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The next big thing you missed | Why eBay, not Google, could save automated translation

The problem with the world wide web is that it isn’t exactly worldwide. For many users, their internet doesn’t really extend beyond the borders of their particular country, and in most cases, this is simply a problem of language. Websites from across many boundaries just aren’t written in words they can understand. EBay is just…

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Three tips for translating open source projects

Open source software (OSS) has had a huge impact on the development of technology today. From apps and web browsers to content management platforms and operating systems, there’s no doubt that open source projects have influenced the way that we create and access information. Research shows that the open source trend is growing beyond the…

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The Louisiana civil code translation project | Enhancing visibility and promoting the civil law in English

In my role as FCIL librarian at the Louisiana State University Law Center, one of the most interesting aspects of my job has been the work that I’ve done with the Center of Civil Law Studies based at LSU: The Center of Civil Law Studies (CCLS) was established in 1965 to promote and encourage the scientific study of…

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Agency Acclaro translates Airbiquity’s Choreo connected car platform into 32 languages worldwide

Airbiquity’s Choreo platform enables automotive OEMs to deploy innovative connected car programs globally for their customers. New York translation agency Acclaro revealed this morning that client Airbiquity relied on them to translate the Choreo Connected Car Platform into 32 languages worldwide. Airbiquity, the global leader in vehicle telematics, geofencing, and connected car systems, partners with…

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Cloudwords adds new machine translation capability

Latest Product Enhancement Expands Cloudwords’ Marketing Globalization Platform, Offering the Option of Even More Speed, Cost Savings to Augment Customers’ Localization Practices. Cloudwords, the first cloud-based marketing globalization platform, announced today the availability of Machine Translation as part of its newest product release. With Machine Translation, Cloudwords now enables customers to globalize marketing campaigns and…

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