Bright schoolboy, 15, forces Tesco to change labelling on its orange juice after noticing grammatical error describing drink as the ‘most-tastiest’

Albert Gifford was eating Weetabix when he saw mistake on carton of Tesco orange juice made with the ‘most tastiest’ fruit

Schoolboy from Somerset wrote to the supermarket giant to complain

Tesco has now promised to correct the packaging in the future

A schoolboy has forced Tesco to admit it made a mistake on the label of its orange juice after he noticed an embarrassing grammatical blunder.

Albert Gifford, 15, was enjoying his breakfast at home in Shepton Mallet, Somerset when he saw that his carton of juice boasted it was made with the ‘most tastiest’ oranges.

He wrote to the supermarket giant to complain, suggesting they change the wording to ‘tastiest’ or ‘most tasty’ – and they have now agreed to correct the packaging.

Albert, who is studying for his GCSEs at Whitstone School, saw the mistake on the £1 carton of orange juice one morning last…

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Posted on juin 10, 2014 in Field of translation

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