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Grammar lessons renamed ‘understanding language’

Should grammar lessons be renamed « Understanding Language »? Some of the country’s most eminent linguists came together for English Grammar Day, presented by UCL and Oxford University in association with the British Library, last week. With talks from grammarians including David Crystal and Dick Hudson, the event served as a crash course in the history, prevalence…

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9 Negotiation mistakes every translator has made once

Now, negotiation mistakes. I thought it was a very relevant topic to cover because of many misconceptions around negotiation, and even more little mistakes we’re all guilty of. Negotiation is often seen as something dodgy, perhaps close to haggling. Oftentimes we expect that when we give our price, the client says yes (hopefully) or no…

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Ten questions to ensure you get a high-quality translation

How to ensure you get a high-quality translation You’ve been tasked to have a text translated into a language you don’t understand a word of. You need a translation that is clear, accurate and stylistically proper, and you want to make sure you avoid any possible pitfalls in the appointment process. So, you kick-start Google…

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Words used incorrectly in English that can make you look bad

Words used incorrectly in English can really make you look bad. While I like to think I know a little about business writing, I often fall into a few word traps. For example, « who » and « whom. » I rarely use « whom » when I should. Even when spell check suggests « whom, » I think it sounds pretentious. So…

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The bulk translation market just got even bulkier

Anything goes in the bulk translation market, and this is just another layer of the same market. Let’s try to identify some of the layers exerting downward pressure on translation fees in the bulk translation market. Double standard in the bulk translation market I often talk in my posts about the sad situation in the “translation…

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