How to translate a WordPress site | Locating and extracting text

You have a WordPress website for your business and you want it translated into one or more languages. So you pick up the phone, call a translation agency, and ask for a quote. If you like the quote, you tell them to go ahead. Right?

Wrong! Many prospective clients call us thinking that the process will be this simple. We can give an estimate for translation from your website, but other issues will have to be dealt with before we can give a formal quote and begin work. We’ve already talked about how to set up your multilingual WordPress website. Another big issue is how the translatable text in the website will be extracted for translation, and how the translated text will be put into the new foreign language site or sites.

In a previous post, we explained why content management systems (CMSs) have changed the translation process. The translatable content resides in a database instead of in a set of static files. Even when you are logged into WordPress, locating and extracting all of that content generally requires technical skills.


The core content of each page is usually easy to find; that’s the content that all WordPress users normally work with. But let’s take a look at some of the other content that needs translation. First, there is the kind of content that appears on every page, but is stored separately.

Header: The part at the top of the page that…

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Posted on juin 11, 2014 in Field of translation

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