Ten questions to ensure you get a high-quality translation

How to ensure you get a high-quality translation

You’ve been tasked to have a text translated into a language you don’t understand a word of. You need a translation that is clear, accurate and stylistically proper, and you want to make sure you avoid any possible pitfalls in the appointment process. So, you kick-start Google and…

The alluring realm of machine translation

In all likelihood, what will pop up first on Google will be various sites enticing you to opt for the quick, free solution of machine translation (MT). Hmmmm… Maybe you can save your boss some money here? But, will you get a high-quality translation?

Warning bell! Accurate, high-quality MT suitable for business use may well be possible some time in the future, but that time has not arrived yet. You may be able to get the gist of a sentence from MT. But let’s just say, if your life depends on understanding what that sentence says, you may not be long for this earth!

The next option after MT is to click on a link to one of the literally myriad of translation agencies and freelance translators that litter the web. This must be better than trusting a machine, right? Another warning bell! As in any other services industry, this one too has its fair share of blundering blockheads.

There’s one crucial difference between MT and translation vendors, though: When using a vendor, you can connect and engage with a real live person and manage the process. They can help you manage the process by, as a very first step, evaluating and asking for improvements to the input documentation, and then applying a methodology that uses balances and checks to ensure good end results.

As regards to cost, vendors negotiate preferential rates with service providers (SPs), so you would not necessarily be paying much more for the privilege of having someone else take over your worries and ensuring the smooth running of your translation project. If you know what you’re doing, it might be safe to appoint a freelance translator. If not, cover your backside and go for a vendor.

Ten questions to ask to make sure you appoint the right translation vendor and get a high-quality translation…


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Posted on August 5, 2014 in Field of translation

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