7 secrets that will guarantee a timely turnaround from copywriters

The constant battle that writers have with deadlines is well known, but when it comes to business writing there’s no room for tardiness.

It might feel unnerving handing over an assignment to a freelance or agency copywriter, wondering if the finished copy will ever come back out of the mysterious writing black hole, but there are a few things you as a client can do to guarantee a timely turnaround from copywriters, leaving them with no excuse to be late.

Get everyone to the starting line. Some fair warning is helpful for everyone, not just writers. Your design team will need to know there’s a document to spin up, your boss will want to know they have something to sign off on and the social media team can start tailoring posts. But for copywriters, especially external copywriters, you need to remember they have other clients, concerns and deadlines. If they know something is in the pipeline, they can start to make room for it when you want it, rather than when they can squeeze it in.

Give a good brief. Nothing makes timely, quality copy appear quite like a…

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Posted on juin 10, 2014 in English language

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