Program helps Spanish-speaking parents learn English

Celia Casado wanted to be an involved parent. She wanted to help her kids with their homework.

She had one problem. The mother of three didn’t speak English.

That was last fall. Now, the Lawrence resident is able to practice sounds of English letters with her daughter. She can point out grammatical errors in her children’s homework — thanks to a program at Sunnyside Elementary School of International Studies and the two teachers who work extra hours to teach Casado and other parents how to speak English.

The program is funded by a three-year $390,000 grant from the United Way of Central Indiana, school Principal Erica Buchanan said. Twenty-five Spanish-speaking parents have signed up to attend after-school classes on…

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Photo credit | “046/365 – More Marking !” by ~Helen Cat on Flickr

Posted on juin 12, 2014 in English language

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