SayHi is an impressive language translation app that can come in handy at the bedside

Universal translators were once futuristic devices seen only in science fiction  movies.

Many physicians would be surprised to learn that some very impressive translation technology already exists in mobile apps.

For the past two years, I have been using the SayHi Translate app to assist with patient communication in the emergency department, clinic, and inpatient unit. The app improves with each update and constantly adds new languages. I have used the SayHi Translate app several times for Spanish and also for Thai, Mandarin, and Czech with great success.

In the medical profession, physicians frequently encounter patients that do not speak English. In orthopedics, many patients seeking medical advice are in pain. They can be somewhat nervous and anxious about visiting the doctor–so imagine how a patient would feel that could not understand what the physician was saying about their fractured arm.

This is not an app you are likely to use every day. I frequently go months without needing the app. However, when the consult comes in that a patient has a fracture-dislocation of the ankle and only speaks Mandarin, I am extremely thankful to have the app at hand. I never could have imagined learning and becoming fluent in the number of languages featured in this app.

The physician should check with their hospital before using a medical app like this for medical information or procedural consents. Many hospitals require an institution…

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Posted on juin 12, 2014 in Translation apps

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