Bad grammar are bad for branding | Why is marketing becoming increasingly illiterate?

Just in case you haven’t checked in a while, the English language continues a steady slide into the ditch—and it’s not just texting that’s to blame, it’s marketing. Whether online or on the packaging, brands seem to be forgetting the spelling and grammar we all supposedly learned in grade school.

A few weeks ago, for example, U.K. teen Albert Gifford made social media headlines by correcting the syntax on a carton of Tesco orange juice that claimed to be the “most tastiest.” (The chain apologized and fixed the double superlative.)

Remember February’s Super Bowl spot for SodaStream? It was the one with Scarlett Johansson enthusing about “Less sugar, less bottles.” (Except that it’s fewer bottles, Scarlett.)

In 2011, Old Navy had to send back an entire shipment of sports team T-shirts when the “Lets Go!” lettering omitted the apostrophe before the “s.” Too…

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Posted on juin 12, 2014 in English grammar

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