What is technical translation?

Broadly speaking, technical translation is the translation of materials dealing with scientific and technical subjects and using the specialized terminology of the scientific or technical field involved. Or, to put it another way, technical translation is translation that requires the use of a technical translator – one with a good understanding of the subject matter and knowledge of the specialized terms of that field both in the source and in the target languages.

The types of material that might qualify as needing technical translation are varied. At one extreme are articles from scientific, medical, engineering, and technical journals. These generally require people with graduate training in the field involved as well as good translation skills. At the other end are things like a product spec sheet for a computer, which may not need a high level of knowledge of the science of information technology, but does require a good working knowledge of the general terminology used in the field.

The important thing to understand from the translation client’s point of view is that technical translation will cost…

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Posted on June 9, 2014 in Field of translation

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