Duolingo and Google entering the standardized test game

Free language-learning app Duolingo and Google have had a wild ride. In just over two years on the market, Duolingo’s main product has racked up 30 million users, taking on giants such as Rosetta Stone.

Founder Luis Von Ahn has repeatedly stated its business plan to offer a product where users help translate content for sites like BuzzFeed and CNN in exchange for free learning. Now Duolingo is tackling a new challenge: online standardized tests.

Duolingo and Google partnering up!

This past April, Alice Truong wrote an article about Duolingo’s plans to offer a new online language certification. Duolingo is revealing more details of the ambitious program called Test Center, available on Android on the Google Play store and in another version for Google’s Chrome web browser…


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Posted on juillet 28, 2014 in Field of translation

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